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About us

Established in 2007, IMPORTER AM, Inc. is one of the largest Polish wholesalers in the United States.

IMPORTER AM, Inc. Inc. deals with the import and distribution of goods of European origin (mainly from Poland). Our flagship goods are polish greeting cards available in many categories, but we also have a wide selection of decorative candles, various types of handmade products such as Christmas decorations, Easter decorations, Easter eggs or angels. In addition, you can find traditional polish hay for the Christmas table and wafers.

IMPORTER AM, Inc. is constantly developing, adding new products, but also ensures that prices are more competitive than other companies. Orders (only wholesale) from Chicago and the surrounding areas are carried out by our means of transport, without additional delivery charges, while in the case of domestic or international orders, we send parcels via USPS at the recipient's expense.

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