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Terms and Conditions

The minimum amount is $ 200.00 to order products from us. We usually ship orders the next business day using USPS. Shipping costs are added to each order. The shipping cost depends on how big the order is and its weight.

Please contact us to check if your product is available, providing us with the "SKU" number which is under the product name.

Orders (only wholesale) from Chicago and the surrounding areas are carried out by our means of transport, without additional delivery charges, while in the case of domestic or international orders, we send parcels via USPS at the recipient's expense.

All shipments are insured. Please contact us if you have not received the goods.

To view product prices, registration on our site is required. To register, click on "Log In / Sign Up" which is located in the upper right corner of the page and fill in all fields. If you have any problems registering, please contact us.

To see the prices, simply log in again by entering your email and password that you entered at registration.

We offer the following payment methods:
Credit card, and Money orders.

You can also make payments on our website by clicking here.

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